Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why You Do What You Do (or Don’t Do) For ADPi

Volunteer Luncheon with guest speaker Rick Barnes (not to be confused with Texas BBall Coach Rick Barnes)

Thanks to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, we had a wonderful speaker for our Volunteer Luncheon. International Officers, Advisors, House Corporation members and other Alpha Delta Pi volunteers gathered to listen to Rick Barnes talk to us about why it is that we do what we do in the name of sorority affairs. Barnes is a renowned speaker, a former international board member for his own organization, a former higher education administrator, and a past president of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, who touches on leadership, hazing issues, alcohol issues and other topics pertinent to Greek life through speaking engagements.

Barnes highlighted some key issues for us to consider as volunteers, but he also asked us a very important question. Why do you do what you do for Alpha Delta Pi? Here’s what some of my fellow diners said:

“Because I want to see our organization remain relevant to our women today”- International VP of Collegiate Membership Susan Swicord Mathews
“Because I want to make an impact”-District II Finance Director Caitlin King
“Because I believe in the values of our organization”- District II CPD Shannon Roach
“So I can see our organization grow”-District II TME Director Melissa Felts
“Because I want to leave a legacy”-Me:)
Dessert at the Volunteer Luncheon. A subcommittee will be formed to 
determine what the "green stuff" was. Jello? Fruit cocktail syrup? We're not sure, but it was good!

When we joined Alpha Delta Pi, we subscribed to the higher values and expectations that are laid out in our ritual. We should be LIVING OUR RITUAL. We should always be working to fulfill the purpose of Alpha Delta Pi. That does not end with graduation. So as volunteers, what is our role? According to Barnes:

1.      1.  Provide guidance, advice, and knowledge
2.     2.   Use caution when caution is necessary
3.      3.  Function as a liaison
4.       4. Clearly establish your role
5.      5.  Be a role model
6.       6. Hold your chapter to higher standards
7.      7.  It’s okay to let them make mistakes
8.      8.  Build upon their strengths

It’s hard to explain to my non-Greek friends, or heck, even my Greek friends who have been out of school for as long as I have why I am coming to a sorority convention. “Aren’t you too old to be doing that sorority ‘stuff’,” they’ll ask. Um. No? Lifetime membership. And Barnes reiterated that today. This is personally rewarding. That’s why I do what I do, and why I am proud to continue to be involved with my sorority. According to the strategic plan update that we listened to this morning, our 2009-2011 numbers for advisory board numbers are down from where we were in 2007-2009. Get involved! Contact someone in your area if you want to get involved. Your local campus is always a great place to start. So what’s your one sentence answer for why you do what you do, or don’t do, for Alpha Delta Pi? 


  1. Susan Mathews gave my answer. Great blog entry Rebecca! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. I do what I do for Alpha Delta Pi because I truly believe the the creed, especially the first two lines.

    I believe in Alpha Delta Pi. I believe that my sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol; that it is a way of life.

    For me, that sums it up. <>

  3. I do what I do for ADPi because I want to ensure that future sisters will get all the great and wonderful things I got out of it when I was a member. I want them to remember the laughter, the bonding, the pride, and the camaraderie. "It's given me the love you see, and now I pass it on"...