Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So much to write, already 2:30 am

Ok, so it's  really 11:30pm, but to me, it's still eastern-time-zone-2:30am. It's been another busy day in Phoenix. 
It's 2:00 am and my Beta Psi friends still look fabulous:)

I want to give my collegian bloggers a chance to write up their thoughts on the opening banquet and get them in before I steal all their I won't write to much now. But I do just have to share a few things before I go to bed write up my comments for the technology resolution. Highlights from today:

The Missing Sister

Tonight at the Welcome Banquet, this portrait of Elizabeth Williams Mitchell was unveiled. Never before in our 160 year history have we seen a picture of this founding member. Elizabeth's great-granddaughter and great-great-granddaughter are attending Grand Convention this week and are just thrilled to be a part of this momentous reveal for our organization. 

We're Older Than Arizona. 
This might be my new tagline. Forget first, finest, forever (just kidding, total joke). We're older than Arizona!? We received greetings from the Governor of Arizona, as well as John McCain. They mentioned in their greeting letters that Arizona is celebrating its centennial. We are celebrating our 160th birthday. We are older than Arizona. 

You know the old saying about Assumptions...
Rick Barnes spoke to our assembled audience of Grand Convention attendees about the perceptions of Greek life. More depth when the sun is shining in Arizona again.

More Sisters
The 160th anniversary update of Sisters was released after dinner and an autograph party followed. 

Again, we'll have much more depth on this tomorrow from both myself and some new voices too! The Adelphean Processional is bright and early, so I gotta get some shut eye! Stay tuned!

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