Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So, You Want to be a Leadership Consultant...

By: Incoming Leadership Consultant Anna Kate Sumler
If you’ve already looked over your agenda for Grand Convention week (which I’m sure all of you have, right?) you may have noticed something on Thursday night . . .

“So, You Want To Be a Leadership Consultant?”

2010-2011 Leadership Consultants

Some chapter representatives attending Grand Convention may be wondering what exactly IS a Leadership Consultant?  According to the Alpha Delta Pi website,

“Leadership Consultants are representatives of the sorority who work with collegiate chapters throughout the academic year in areas such as officer training, recruitment, and leadership. At the same time, Leadership Consultants are cultivating valuable professional skills that will continue to serve them after their year of travel.”

Now, I can’t give you an insider’s viewpoint yet because my year on the road has not yet begun.  (Be on the lookout for me at a chapter near you this academic year!)  But I can tell you that my chapter had a Leadership Consultant visit every year while I was in college, and these women without a doubt changed the course of our chapter.  They may have only been there a week, but the impact they made will affect our chapter for years to come.  They encouraged all, strategically planned with our officers, and helped us correct or modify areas where we had not been operating to our full potential.

If you think you may be even the tiniest bit interested in becoming a Leadership Consultant, then I highly encourage you to attend this session.  All of the current and former Leadership Consultants will be there to introduce themselves and hopefully share some of the most loved stories from throughout the years.  This meeting provides an opportunity to receive all of the information about this position and the application process.  The lovely Annie Durant will be there to facilitate and answer all of your questions.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure to meet her, Annie is the Leadership Services Manager for Alpha Delta Pi and I consider myself extremely blessed to call her my new boss!

Hope to see all of you (including past Consultants) at the informational session!


  1. Is there a good place to go to get this information besides Convention? There are amazing women in the chapter I advise that are interested, but are not able to attend Convention.

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