Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Route...

By: Laura Leigh Majernik
7:40 am CST, Dallas, TX
It looks like a pretty typical morning in my home: I went for a run early this morning, I am now drinking coffee and admonishing my 4 year-old to share his toys with his 1 year-old brother.  The BIG difference is that I am also packing up my last items to prepare for Grand Convention!  My flight arrives in Arizona in time for me to begin attending the business meetings.  Last night, I mentally finished my packing list (the skirt for Thursday, the khaki pants for Friday, don't forget my running shoes), and I remembered the privilege of voting for business matters that will help our sisterhood be the First.Finest.Forever.  Attending Grand Convention as a voting delegate is an honor for me and I know it will be fun, too!

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