Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dining...ADPi Style

I know all the Alpha Delta Pi's reading this blog are proper and classy ladies who have been thoroughly trained in the art form of business etiquette and dining etiquette. Napkins in laps, no elbows on the table, work from the outside in on the silverware...all that good stuff. But just in case, here is a handy Convention Dining Guide.
Programs from Grand Convention 2009 Meals
1. Seating: Other than the final Diamond Awards banquet (where sisters Rita and Diana come up with a very elaborate seating chart), seating for meals is first-come-first-served. Now when I say first-served, I don't mean you run in, sit down, and eat really fast. I mean you come in and find a comfortable table and have a seat. You may have lots of your own chapter members traveling with you, or you may be hoping to meet up with sisters you've previously met at DLC or while visiting another school. That is perfectly fine. You may sit wherever you please and with whomever you please. Be willing to sit with new faces and meet new friends while in Phoenix. Don't just limit the people sitting with you at lunch or dinner to those who you've traveled with and know best. When you see sisters milling about looking for an open seat, let them know when you have room at your table.

2. Agenda: Most of our meals will be accompanied by some sort of remarks or presentations. This means that someone will stand up in front of our audience and let us know when it is time to begin. Most of our meals will be served by the staff, so when you sit down at the table there will be a salad and bread in front of you. This leads to the next very important point...

3. THE BLESSING (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...anyone?): Before we spear that lettuce, we will sing the ADPi Blessing. For your reference, this song is typically printed in your Convention materials...but here it is, just in case you've never heard it...
Hear us sing with one accord
Praises for thy gifts oh Lord
For thy gift of daily bread
For thy path in which we're led
From thy throne of love on high
List to Alpha Delta Pi
Some of y'all might sing this song every week before chapter dinner, but for some, this might be your first time hearing the Alpha Delta Pi blessing. We will have a song leader who gets us going, and I promise it will be really easy to pick it up. And wait till you hear those sisters with the talent of singing throw in the three part harmony. Just divine!

4. Once we finish with the blessing, dig in! There is typically a menu on each table that lets you know what we'll be having, but it is always delicious. If you have dietary needs that you've addressed in your Convention registration, you should get a little card in your packet when you check in. You can put this card on your plate or next to your plate so the staff can make sure you get the food that meets your needs. I know my dear friend Lacey wouldn't mind me sharing this little example from Grand Convention 2007 in Boston...
So that's it. Real simple. Come in and grab a table, sit tight and wait to eat that delicious salad sitting in front of you until after we've sung the ADPi Blessing, and if you see former International President Kathryn Peddy Goddard walking around, for heaven's sake offer her a seat at your table!

And just in case you needed to brush up on your dining etiquette...here is a guide straight from Alpha Delta Pi TME!

Dining with Confidence

Etiquette rules should make you feel comfortable, not uncomfortable.  The idea is that if there are standards that people abide by, then you can have confidence that you are behaving “appropriately.”  Today, basic etiquette is an important part of presenting a positive and polished image.

Napkins belong in your lap and if large, should be folded in half with the fold closest to your body.  They should be put in your lap upon sitting down, unless you need to stand to introduce yourself or be introduced, or if you must stand for a prayer or blessing, then you should wait to put your napkin on your lap until finished.  When the meal is finished, or if you leave the table during the meal (only if absolutely necessary and should only be done between courses) your napkin is placed (not folded or crumpled up) on the left side of your plate.  If you do leave the table quietly say excuse me to the people near you.

Place settings/Silverware should be surveyed once you sit down.  Remember, bread on the left and drink on the right.  (Using the tips of your thumb and forefinger, make circles on each hand while the three fingers remaining are pointing upward, your left hand will form a “b” for bread and your right hand a “d” for d

Serving Food can be tricky.  Always pass food to the right. (Use common sense, if the person to your left wants something, pass it directly to them.)  Salt and Pepper should always be passed together and from the bottom.  Butter, spreads, or dips should be put on your plate before spreading or eating it.

General Dining Etiquette
v  Taste your food before seasoning it.
v  Cut only one or two pieces of food at a time.  Bread should be broken into moderate size pieces with the fingers and butter spread for one or two bites at a time as well.
v  Soup should be eaten by placing your spoon in the bowl and moving it away from you.
v  Practice good posture.  If you are not eating, place your hands on your lap or rest your wrists on the edge of the table.
v  Bread is an excellent “pusher” and if there is no bread, you should use your knife, never your fingers.
v  Bread plates can be used as a trash plate for sugar packets, etc.
v  Cell phones should always be turned OFF!

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