Saturday, June 25, 2011

Housing Update

By: Laura Leigh Majernik

What a beautiful Saturday here in Phoenix! I enjoyed the Biltmore's jogging trail this morning and my time on the trail helped me put my thoughts together on yesterday's business meetings.

First of all, we elected some AMAZING sisters to our Grand Council! Tammie Pinkston will lead a fantastic team as our International President. 

Our bylaws are now revised to reflect accuracies in terminology and better outline Sorority practices. Voting on these changes made for a long day, but our Sisterhood is stronger as a result.

Finally, the adoption of an exciting resolution submitted by our Housing Directors promotes innovation and provides security for the future of Alpha Delta Pi. The delegates adopted a resolution to call for a Committee to Form regarding the possible formation of an International Housing Corporation. If such a body is recommended, Alpha Delta Pi will be on the vanguard of organizational management for NPC groups. This Committee to Form will investigate the best way to move Alpha Delta Pi housing forward in a manner that strengthens our Sorority and lives out our open motto, "We Live for Each Other." My role as a delegate gave me the opportunity to make a positive mark on my Sisterhood and I am pleased I was able to serve.

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