Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to the Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention 2011 Blog

With Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention just three weeks away, there are some things you need to know.

Some important things.

Like what to wear, what’s all this voting about, and what exactly goes on at this shindig.

Consider this blog your All-Things-Alpha-Delta-Pi-Grand-Convention-2011 source.

Leading up to our time in Phoenix we will prep you with information provided by guest blogger sisters who are experts in the Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention field.

Can’t make it to Grand Convention? Catch up here with an inside look at what’s going on in Phoenix. We will have pictures, daily recaps, quotes to live by, and other Grand Convention info that will help you feel like you are sweatin’ away under the Phoenix sun just like those of us in attendance.

So welcome! Follow along! Send this blog link to your Alpha Delta Pi sisters all over the world. It’s almost time for Diamonds in the Desert, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Rebecca DeSensi Sivori
Technology Committee Chair


  1. So excited! Wish I could make it to Pheonix, but glad I'll have a spot to catch up on the latest news! Thanks for posting!

    delta delta '08

  2. This blog is such a great idea; I absolutely love it! Counting down the days until Grand Convention!!

    Anna Kate Sumler
    Leadership Consultant 2011-2012

  3. I love this and already spread the word! Only 19 days until I head to Phoenix! Can't wait :)

    Cristina Perez
    Zeta Alpha, Cal State Fullerton
    2011-2012 Leadership Consultant

  4. This blog is fantastic! I am just absolutely thrilled to be going to Grand Convention this year! Can't wait to meet all of the amazing women who are going to attend.


    Amanda B. Nguyen
    Alpha Theta Chapter - University of Washington
    Executive Office Intern 2011

  5. Excited to follow the news and happenings here!

    Alicia Edwards
    Chapter Advisor, Delta Alpha
    Technology Committee

  6. I love the blog and cannot wait to see you all at Convention! Don't forget your donations for the Packages from Home philanthropy and extra change for the coin war. :)