Friday, June 17, 2011

We Don't Pack Light

Like me, many of you are probably making lists of things to pack...and then will be trying to pack this weekend.
Executive Office actually packs a whole truck for Phoenix. No, I'm not kidding. You know, at my first Convention it never dawned on me how all this "stuff" made it to Boston. I never even considered it. Oh, the things you learn when you become an International Officer! (Thanks Annie Durant for the pictures and guest blogs which I always forget to credit you for...)

Boxes of...stuff
Flags for the Adelphean Processional...or Golden Lion Parade of Flags?
More Fun Stuff!
I wasn't kidding when I told you they send a whole truck, here it is in the parking lot at Ponce de Leon
Nice mover, helpful

450 boxes later...yes, 450. That is not a typo

Bye! See you in Phoenix!

Now, we don't think you'll need a whole truck to pack the stuff you'll need for Phoenix...but here are some packing tips.
We gave you a style guide.
You have an agenda on pride online.
I'm gonna match them together and also give you a few reminders.
Your Pin
Chapters have been asked to bring their ritual book (better as a carry on ladies, would hate for it to get lost with your luggage, God forbid)
Plane Ticket Confirmation
Have you booked your shuttle from the airport to the Biltmore?
Print Outs from Pride Online (Candidate Profiles, Bylaws and Resolutions, Presentation Powerpoints-more on this Monday).
Spending Money (Breakfast is not included in your you will need to purchase food in the mornings. You will want to buy a sweatshirt/waterbottle/dangle/ring/otherpieceofjewelry/notepad from Gift Mart. You may also want to buy something from one of the vendors on site.)

Wednesday, June 22
Convention Business Orientation: You have just landed in Phoenix and checked in. You will be going straight from this session to the "Meet the Candidates" event, and then to the opening dinner. Dress for the dinner is considered "Little Black Dress," meaning you can wear a NICE sundress. Not the kind you'd wear to the pool, but to a summer wedding in the daytime, or church on Sunday. So you can go ahead and wear this outfit for the orientation, make a quick pitstop at Gift Mart, and then head to the other events of the evening.

Thursday, June 23
First things First: All White for the Adelphean Processional. Refer to the Style Guide for more on white...
Sometimes we have about 10 minutes in between the processional and the memorial service, so you can run run run reallllllly fast to your room for a quick outfit change. We will have our first business meeting Thursday afternoon, so you could go ahead and change into your pin attire. Or you can wait until after the memorial service and right before lunch starts to do a quick change, or after lunch. You get the drift. Some will choose to stay in their white all day, but most will change into pin attire of color for the business meeting. Then for the Diamond Four Point Dinner you may either stay in your business attire, or change into a fun sundress (again, not pool side, but pew side).

Friday, June 24
Second Business Meeting: Again, pin attire. Then free time! Dress accordingly for your activity:) When you are running around all over Phoenix you will want to be wearing a cute ADPi t-shirt for all those photo opps...<>. Here is a pic of me and some of my collegians from Grand Convention 2009 Orlando:)

That evening is the Alumnae and “Old Timers” Dinner with the "Bring your Bling" Theme...

Saturday, June 25
Nice classy pin attire or a nice sundress with a cardigan will do for this day of informational sessions. Then Saturday night it's time for your fancy dress!

Two notes in closing:
1. Given that our business meetings are ritual, NO LAPTOPS OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES WILL BE WELCOME. I knew what you were thinking, I'm not gonna print out all this stuff! I'll just pull it up on my laptop and read over it. Nary. Print it out.

2. I have another Blogger that I want to introduce you to!

Logan Sparks

Hi ladies! My name is Logan Sparks and I am the current Executive Vice President and past Director of Standards and Ethics of the Beta Psi chapter at the University of Kentucky. I am a rising junior and Integrated Strategic Communications major who, as my friends would tell you, is completely obsessed with all things Alpha Delta Pi! As an only child from a small town in Western Kentucky, I truly think of my ADPi sisters as the huge family I never had! I am extremely excited to extend that family as I meet sisters from around the country who share the same rituals, traditions, and basic values as myself! See you all soon! 

Now, get to packin'! And try to remember that 50 pound weight limit before you start to incur fees...did you know the airline industry collected $3.4 Billion in baggage fees in 2010?

What have I forgotten? What else should we pack?


  1. Do we need to wear all white for the initiation/ritual review session? 4 years ago in Boston it was white because we actually witnessed an initiation, but two years ago in Florida in was just business attire. (I will not be there for the Wednesday processional which is why this is important) Let us know! Thanks

  2. More small things to add to the list:

    (1) A sweater/cover up of some sort for the chilly meeting rooms.

    (2)Sunscreen - for the free time outside!

    (3)Extra camera batteries (or cord for recharging)

    (4) Re-usable water bottle (stay hydrated!)

  3. Adpi_Dolly...I've been told that pin attire will be just fine for that session...