Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday Workshops

By: Sandy Davis, Leadership Director

One of the best things about Grand Convention 2011 is that you get to bring back great ideas to implement in your chapter, your alumnae association and your day to day life!   On Saturday afternoon, all attendees will get to select two workshops that they want to attend.  There are a lot of great ones to choose from, so here's a sneak peak:
Tracy Kerr is living in Scottsdale, AZ and is 
coming to do a fabulous presentation on 
Healthy vs. Hurting Leadership!

Healthy vs. Hurting Leadership
Leadership is a term that we throw around a lot among our chapters and especially our executive boards, BUT, do you really understand the origin of leadership?  This session will explore the fundamental dynamic that leadership can come from either a healthy place or a hurting place.   Throughout our time together you will be able to recognize attitude, take action and help to restore women by empowering your healthy leaders and preventing the hurting leaders from promoting mean girl and bystander behavior as well as serious behaviors such as cutting, eating disorders and depression that have become all too prevalent today.   Presented by Tracy Kerr Carson, HX.  Tracy earned her B.A. in Psychology from Presbyterian College, an M.A. in Professional Counseling from OttawaUniversity as well as a Graduate Diploma in Christian Counseling from Phoenix Seminary.  Tracy sees clients in the private practice setting specializing in young women's issues specifically self esteem, identity development, and eating disorders.  

Alumnae Association "Speed Training"
Join the Alumnae Directors and sisters from associations around the country as we present multiple topics affecting Alumnae Association operations and projects.  Sisters will participate in a round-table style session to learn about some of our groups’ best ideas.  You will have the opportunity to attend four different topics.  Topics being presented include: Social Networking & your Association, State Associations, Senior Connections Program, Online Alumnae Training, Easy Money-Making Gift Card Fundraiser, Communicating with Chapters, Small Associations - How We Can Efficiently Operate With only 6-10 people, Adelphean Reporting, Philanthropy~ADPi Style.

Arizona Biltmore Hotel History and Walking Tour Certified area historians will lead a walking tour of the Biltmore property and discuss the rich history and heritage of the Biltmore.  For those that may not be able to walk the property, a presentation will be held in the session room.  

Trust Trust is the one thing people, teams, families, and organizations have in common.  At District Leadership Conferences earlier this year, many of you learned the 13 Behaviors that Lead to Trust.  This interactive session will teach you the value of Self Trust and how trust operates in our lives.  A foundation of trust will lead to successful teamwork within your Executive Board and Chapter.  Presented by Tracy Garner, ZO, Foundation Treasurer and Dawn Victor-Herring, ZH, Foundation Vice President of Scholarships & Grants.

True Colors and Effective Communication
The True Colors Model is based upon understanding the strengths, values, and needs of individuals.  At District Leadership Conference earlier this year, many of you learned your “True Color” and how you approach things based upon your personality type.  This session takes your True Color further by discussing the five most common communication mistakes that each color makes when communicating with other colors and tips for how to avoid those mistakes.   If you want to improve communication within your Executive Board, your chapter, and in your personal life, you will want to attend this interactive session.  Presented by Sandy McDonald Davis, X, Leadership Director, Chair and Beth Gentry Mannle, BB, Ritual, Heritage, and History Director, Chair.

Enhancing Your Relationship with Your Fraternity/Sorority Advisor (FSA)
Frustrated with your relationship with your FSA?  Feel like your FSA doesn't have time for you?  Come learn how to have a more positive and effective relationship with your FSA.  He/she is not the enemy, but could be your greatest ally. Presented by Tiffany Eisenbise, DU, Campus Services Manager and Annie Durant, AO, Leadership Services Manager.

Advisor Training- Beyond the Basics! Advisors will have an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and learn best practices from other advisors during this interactive session.   Attendees should have completed the online Advisory Board training sessions available on Pride Online.  Session attendance is limited to advisors only.  Presented by Sarah Davis-Candeto, EY, Alpha I Collegiate Province Director and Elizabeth O’Neil, HK, Upsilon I Collegiate Province Director

House Corporation Workshop
Join us as we explore the many "facets" of Alpha Delta Pi housing.  As housing "diamonds", you may feel as though you are anywhere from "in the rough" to a "polished gem."  Professionals will share their insights about the different areas of operation for a house corporation.  Note that this is one continuous session that lasts until 5:30 p.m.

They all sound great, don't they?  If you have multiple representatives from your chapter, a good strategy is for each of you to attend different sessions and then share the information later.   If the session has a presentation, you can download it from Pride Online before or after Convention.

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