Friday, June 24, 2011

Grand Convention Top Ten

By: Samantha Hockenberry

So we have this tradition at Gamma Iota- Univ. of Florida, where we have Top 10’s during our Chapter elections.  You know, anything ranging from “Top 10 reasons to live in the ADPi house” to “Top 10 reasons to be on Exec”.   Essentially, anything that makes the time go by faster.

Today at Grand Convention we had our Bylaw revisions and International Officer elections.  Let me first say congratulations to everyone who was elected today! Watching history in the making was pretty darn cool.  On the down side- the meeting was 7 hours long (with a nice lunch break :)
).  Being that this meeting went for 1 too many hours, my darling sisters and I decided to bring a little Gamma Iota tradition to the International level and create “Top 10’s of ADPi Grand Convention”.  Here it goes…

Top 10’s of ADPi Grand Convention

10.  Britney Spears and back up dancers spotted at the Biltmore Hotel!
How sweet would that have been to get a Pi Love pic with Britney!?  Hello Recruitment video!

9.  Dessert served at every meal
Mhmm mmm. Enough said.

8.  Electronic Voting – no more waiting to count paper
7 hours of voting today WITH electronic clickers.  I can only imagine how they did it in past Grand Conventions. THANK YOU technology!

7.  The fact that #ADPiGC2011 is basically trending on Twitter
But really.

6.  Hanging out with our Advisor (shout out Mrs. Balloon)
Talk about quality time with one of the most influential person I know… and we couldn’t have asked for a better venue then the Desert.

5.  Amount of Lion jewelry being spotted on ADPi alum and collegiates
I am absolutely floored by the amount of lion/violets/diamond jewelry I have seen on some of these sisters.  Earrings, pendants, bracelets, scarves, rings, you name it, someone is probably wearing it.  I can only imagine what tonight’s dinner is going to be like when they really bust out the “Bling”.

4.  Winning a Diamond 4-Point Award!
Nothing is cooler than having your Chapter’s name being called for an award.  Sweet satisfaction for a job well done.  Congrats ladies.

3.  SPOTTED: Mrs. Gwaltney square dancing during the LC skit
Cute little southern bell Mrs. Claire Gwaltney, International President of Alpha Delta Pi, square dancing on stage! 

2.  The revealing of the RMH Philanthropy video
Talk about tears.  If this RMH video didn’t touch your heart last night then I don’t know what will.  This video was just a reminder that ADPi’s all across this nation (and in Canada!) truly are doing something amazing.  REALLY amazing.  I can’t wait to go back and show this video to my Chapter.

1.  Meeting ADPi’s from all across the country and sharing idea

Pi love you all!


  1. I love Gamma Iota and it's traditions! Proud of you (and the chapter) Sam for winning Diamond 4-point! Miss you girls a lot and wish I was back hanging out at the Gamma Iota house again! OBIC <>

    - Allie Pisching, Xi
    Leadership Consultant 2008 - 2010

  2. What a fun post! Thanks for giving all of us back in Gainesville a glimpse into all the great things going on at the Convention.

    (And I second the shout-out to Mrs. Balloon!)

    Kelly D., Gamma Delta/Gamma Iota