Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Convention Traditions

by Leadership Consultant Ashlyn Stallings

Alphie looooves tradition. Just ask him. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Loaded with intrigue and ritual, Grand Convention offers plenty of tradition--just as you'd imagine a 160-year-old sorority to do! Read up on some of the favorite Convention Traditions below...

[Panhellenic Luncheon]

Quick: Find ADPi. It's like Where's Waldo.

We may hail the blue and white above all, but ADPi wouldn't be the sisterhood it is without the National Panhellenic Conference. During this luncheon, flags of each NPC sorority are carried in and displayed--look for your favorites, and remember those sweet Panhellenic sisters you have in another chapter!

Behind-the-scenes sidenote--here's the LC's below. Playing--I MEAN--working very diligently to pack all 26 flags. Of course, we had to stop for an impromptu photoshoot. The colors were to pretty not to.

[The Adelphean Processional]
That ever-elusive white dress and shoes combo? This, sisters, is the reason. The Adelphean Processional is a gorgeous march showcasing each and every chapter and instituted in 1941 by Grand President Caralee Strock Stanard (Yep, that's her name at the bottom of our Creed). Every member dons a blue satin riband across  her chest, emblazoned with "We Live for Each Other."

[Convention Photograph]
Just check out these:

Grand Convention at Hot Springs, 1941

Grand Convention at Pasadena, 1961

Following the Adelphean Processional, we'll smile pretty and go down in history as the attendees of the 2011 Grand Convention!

[The Toast]
Now you know a banquet isn't complete without one, right? Right. We LC's channeled Cinderella and spent hours washing and sorting cups for every chapter.. and then some. It's safe to say we can't wait to see our work come to fruition--toasting cup in hand, we'll all drink to Alpha Delta at the Diamond Awards Banquet!

[Singing Alpha Delta Pi Songs]

Two LC's goofing off at Executive Office during a Giftmart photoshoot, or practicing for Convention? You decide.

Finally, following Diamond Awards Banquet and the Candlelight Roll Call (just wait, it's beautiful!), we'll form a friendship circle led by Grand Council and sing--what else--Alpha Delta Pi songs. Singing by candlelight under a Boston night sky at my first Convention is one of my most treasured ADPi memories, and you'd better bet I can't wait to experience this in Phoenix!

What about you? What is your favorite Grand Convention tradition?

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