Monday, June 13, 2011

What You're Voting On...Bylaws, Amendments, and Resolutions, Oh MY!

We mentioned in Friday's Leadership post that we will have two business meetings while in Phoenix. And that we vote on Grand Council positions at the second of those business meetings, on Friday. That means our first business meeting on Thursday will cover Bylaws, Amendments, and Resolutions. But before we get to the actual vote, you have a few opportunities to understand what it is we are voting on while in Phoenix.

Voting delegates
who attend Grand Convention are speaking for their chapters. That could be collegiate chapters, alumnae associations, or house corporations. You are the voice, but hopefully you've shared with your chapters back home what we will be voting on at Grand Convention, and have taken their input into account...

Step One. I will again refer you to Pride Online for the documents that you should be reviewing prior to our business meetings. Once you login to Pride Online you will see a Bylaws & Nominations link in the left hand navigation. Those documents will allow you to see how our Bylaws will read if all of the changes go into effect, as well as what additional amendments and resolutions will be brought to the floor for discussion. Print out copies of those documents and bring them with you to Phoenix. There are resolutions related to chapter housing and technology, and amendments related to Grand Council eligibility.

Step Two. When you arrive in Phoenix, one of your first events will be the PreConvention Information Session on the 22nd from 3:30-5:30. At this session you will learn more about the Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions.

Questions? Confused? Ask the Parliamentarian! On both Thursday and Friday prior to our business meetings you have the opportunity to meet the individual running the rules of order. Thursday from 7-7:45 am you can swing by and meet up with our parliamentarian, or Friday from 7:15-8:15 am. Don't be shy! This is a great opportunity to speak with an expert if you have questions or need clarification. You can always ask your advisors, province directors, or district team directors as well.

If you need chapter input prior to jetsettin' to could always use your GIN tools to send out a message or post documents for review. Or create a survey using Survey Monkey to poll for feedback.

Any questions about voting?

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