Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We're Here! We're Tired, but We're Here!

Left out of Lexington this morning at 5:50 am. Short layover in Chicago, where I met up with the lovely Beth Wright, CPD in D2. Had an uneventful flight to Phoenix, and boy when I landed the heat fell on me like a ton-a-bricks! It's hot here ya'll, and this is coming from a southern girl!
The Biltmore is just BEA-U-TIFUL! They were spraying down the plants when I rolled in about 11:00, with just enough time to check in and head to my Total Membership Education Meeting. I ran to the room a nice man on a golf cart drove me to my room (sorry you missed that memo Caitlin King!), and I threw my stuff down. I had to snap some shots on my way from my room to the conference area.

I made it to the front lobby and luckily I ran into the lovely Anne Charnock, International Vice President of Collegiate Membership, who gave me some quick directions. TME Committee Chair Suzanne Kennedy had lunch for us, which was great because I realized it was 3:00 pm "my-time" and way past my normal lunch time!

Back in April, I visited Executive Office for a Technology Meeting. Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Executive Director Jen Webb roped us into multitasking.

Yes. We stuck all those violets on all those cards. Tracy Garner had it down pat, as you can see by her assembly line in the very last photo.

When I got here today I found Kristin Heath, sorting all those violets out for sisters to pick up when they arrive in Phoenix.

Lots to keep track of! Those Foundation sisters are organized!
Aw so sweet, when I picked up my violets at registration I had two from sisters not even attending convention! Thank you Alicia Edwards and Whitney Collins! Made my day!

Now I've gotta get freshened up for the International Officer appreciation dinner. More to come tomorrow when my collegian bloggers arrive:)


  1. Can we still purchase violets for sisters at convention? If so what is the web address?

  2. Angela, I think they can only be purchased on site at this point, but I'll see if I can find out. Rebecca, you're welcome!

  3. Angela, I checked with the Foundation. Email Jen Webb at Jwebb@alphadeltapi.com and she will let you know!