Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hear, Here

As I've mentioned previously, while Grand Convention is going on in Phoenix you will be hearing from different Convention attendees. The inside scoop. So I thought you might want to meet a few of those faces!
Roll Call!

Anna Kate Sumler

My name is Anna Kate Sumler and I am an incoming Leadership Consultant for 2011-2012.

I am from a small town in South Georgia called Tifton.  I attended Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville where I was a member of Zeta Iota Chapter.  I served as Public Relations Chair, Recruitment Vice President, and Chapter President during my time there.  I was also an Executive Office Summer Intern in 2010 and loved my experience there.  I am so honored to serve Alpha Delta Pi as a Leadership Consultant in the upcoming academic year!

As a first time Grand Convention attendee, there are so many things that I am excited about it's hard to choose just one!  I am most excited to meet my Consultant sisters as well as other sisters and International Officers from across the country.  I am eager to understand the process of Grand Convention as a whole and be a witness to the important business decisions that will shape the future of our organization.

Carrington Giammittorio

Hello everyone! I'm Carrington Giammittorio and I'm currently the president of the Zeta Xi chapter at the University of Virginia. I'm a rising Fourth Year (it's a tradition at UVA that we not say seniors, juniors, etc...), and am majoring in Psychology and Latin with a minor in History. Originally I'm from Northern Virginia, but I actually spent most of my Elementary school years in Phoenix, AZ.
Fun fact: I had my ninth birthday at the Arizona Biltmore, and am SO excited to be returning for "Diamonds in the Desert". As for what I'm most looking forward to at Grand Convention 2011, I absolutely cannot wait for the candlelight roll call. I've heard so much about this beautiful tradition from former Grand Convention attendees, so I'm excited to experience it for myself. On a lighter note, I'm really excited to meet my roomie and (hopefully!) swap some stories. See you all in the Grand Canyon State!

Christina Nixon

Hi sisters!  My name is Christina Nixon. I am a founding member and the president of the Theta Zeta chapter at Washington and Lee University.  I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, about ten minutes away from ADPi's headquarters (which yes, I have toured and would highly recommend going to see), and I am spending my summer exploring the small towns of Central Tennessee as an intern for the FDIC.  I cannot wait to see all of you in your crisp white dresses for the Adelphean Processional--I hear it is beautiful!  See you soon!

Samantha Hockenberry

Hi, I’m Samantha!  I am the current President and past Membership Vice President for the Gamma Iota Chapter at the University of Florida!   I am most excited to experience the tradition that Alpha Delta Pi’s share nationally and to learn about what it truly means to be an ADPi at Grand Convention this year.  I think it’s incredible that Alpha Delta Pi has been able to carry on such strong ritual and founding pillars for the past 160 years, which adds to the reason why we are the first, the finest, and forever!  :)

Laura Leigh Majernik

Greetings, Sisters!  This is Laura Leigh Farmer Majernik (Delta Sigma/Delta) and I serve as the House Corporation President for the Gamma Upsilon Chapter at the University of North Texas.  This 160th Grand Convention is shaping up to be an exciting one!  As a Convention blogger, I get the unique opportunity to share insight next week from the world of housing.  This is an exciting time for Greek housing and I look forward to giving you an insiders perspective of the training, voting and sisterhood we are sure to share, housing style!

(And me, of course) Rebecca DeSensi Sivori

I'm the Technology Committee Chair for Alpha Delta Pi, and I am also a TME Director for District II. My chapter of initiation is Epsilon Delta, Western Kentucky University, and I also affiliated with Beta Psi, University of Kentucky. As soon as I graduated I started helping with Epsilon Delta recruitment, and I eventually became their chapter advisor. I'm a new International Officer, and so far I truly enjoy serving the organization in this capacity. 

I'm looking forward to being able to connect those at home with Alpha Delta Pi through this Grand Convention blog. Sometimes we forget that when we joined this organization, it was for a lifetime, not just those four years at school. You should be involved, interested, and invested in Alpha Delta Pi, whether you are 18 or 101. So what's going at Grand Convention is just as much your business as it is mine. And I am gonna make it your business by making sure you are up to speed! 

As a wise, wise, wise Claire Gwaltney once told me, "Honey, It's forever." So reconnect. Join us; read along. Let us know what questions you have. Share your thoughts. And maybe just maybe call a sister from your alpha class who you haven't spoken to in 25 years and say, "Hey, remember Black Diamond Formal...or Greek Week...or Recruitment week...or that sisterhood dinner...or our old chapter advisor who we loved so much..." Let Grand Convention 2011 be your reason to reconnect with sisters everywhere, even if you aren't traveling to Phoenix!

Don't be shy! This isn't an invitation only sort of event. If you want to share your experience, let me know! You can email post ideas to Anything you want us to cover before we get to AZ?

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  1. I am so sad to be missing Convention this year. I look forward to experiencing it through our bloggers, though! Have a wonderful time, sisters!

    Amber Biviano
    ARD DV